Monroe Suspension Dampers and Coil Springs

We are pleased to announce we are now supplying the worlds leading Dampers and Springs for a wide range of cars, 4×4’s and Vans.

Monroe is a Global Leader, founded in 1916 they have been in the business for over a 100 years because the are leading innovators within their sector.

If you are needing new coil springs or dampers please give us a call with your vehicle details.

Monroe Dampers and Coil Springs

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Wheel Bearing Hubs

We are very pleased to announce that we can now supply new wheel bearings hub assemblies at extremely competitive prices for a wide range of vehicle models.

Wheel bearings are a key component within the drive train of your vehicle, worn wheel bearings are dangerous and may eventually lead to accidents or even death so its critical that your wheel bearings are checked frequently and replaced as required.

Did you that worn wheel bearings can also lead to:

  • Brake disc vibration
  • Improper tyre wear
  • Poor handling of your vehicle
  • Overheating of the bearing
  • ABS Faults

If you suffer from any of the above we would advise your bearings are checked by a professional without delay.

Evora Sport Brake Discs

The Evora brand of brake discs were introduced in 2014 by Brake Depot, which were formed in 2009.

Brake Depot’s roots were the precision cnc slotting of brake discs to enhance the performance of the brake discs and improve the visual looks for car enthusiasts, this were fine to begin with as they had good relationships with local factors, however it soon became clear that Brake Depot must establish their own brand as more and more customers were shopping around for the same Mintex brand for example for slotted the way Brake Depot had them advertised, as expected they were only available from Brake Depot at that time which had customers asking “are they genuine Mintex” because Mintex don’t do performance brake discs so they must be fake right? No they were certainly not fake but it was understandable why you would think this.

So in 2014 the Evora brand was launched, Brake Depot would still purchase premium blanks from the leading casting manufacturers but they would be sold as Evora in an effort to prevent any confusion. Today the Evora brand has grown with over 1800 individual part numbers for thousands of vehicle applications and the catalogue is growing on a monthly basis, so no matter what you drive just give us a call and we will check if the Evora sport brake discs are available for your car.

See our Evora sport brake discs in action in the below videos, at the beginning of the season we started of with a set of Evora Sport Grooved brake discs which performed well, but we had recently released our new 40G design which we were eager to test and the results were excellent, Andy had no issues of brake fade and they performed strongly throughout the season.

Highlights from the 2015 Civic Cup Championships Andy Hough sponsored by Brake Depot.

The above video is from within the Civic Cup car driven by Andy Hough, who went on to win the 2015 Civic Cup Championships running our Evora branded sport brake discs.

Ferodo Racing Pads

Ferodo brake pads for use in race cars date all the way back to 1926 where they were successfully used in a land speed record run of 169 mph.

Today Ferodo racing brake pads are used frequently in the most popular forms of Motorsports both on the track and off the track in cars, karts and motorcycles, with the manufacturing of pads kept in-house to ensure premium quality and consistent braking to provide users with the best possible experience.

The DS Range of pads have a coding system which tells the user which compound of pad they are, the part numbers usually begin FCP followed by numbers and then suffix, the range of suffix’s consist of the following, a typical pad number would be for example FCP1307H and they would be identified as the DS2500 compound.

  • H = DS2500
  • C = 4003
  • R = DS3000
  • W = DS11.1
  • Z = DSUNO

Ferodo DS2500 are amongst the most popular brake pad for track days and light race use on the front axle, they are also used in pure race vehicles on the rear axle, Average friction coefficient of 0.42 over working temperature range of 20°-500°C.

Ferodo 4003 has been developed specifically for lighter race cars such as Formula 3 and Formula Ford / Renault, the compound has very short bed-in times but has excellent bite with low drag the pad has average friction coefficient 0.46 over the working temperature range of 200°-450°C.

Ferodo DS3000 is a heavy duty all-round material with short bedding in periods with an average friction coefficient 0.48 over the working temperature range of 200°-650°C used in multiple applications including Group N, Touring Cars, Rally Cars and hill climb.

Ferodo DS11.1 Ceramic technology belonging to the chemical family of Siloxane which unlike other compounds these do not decompose at high temperatures and keep on working at the most extreme temperatures encountered in Motorsport braking systems. The pads have an average friction coefficient 0.46 over the working temperature range of 200°-700°C, they are very long life and kind to the discs and can be found on Touring Cars, GT Cars and Single Seat race cars.

Ferodo DSUNO is Ferodo’s latest in heavy duty race materials for use in Formula, GT and Touring Cars and Rally, this compound has replaced the DS2.11 and has reduced wheel lock when compared to other pads of this friction which is average friction coefficient 0.48 over the working temperature range of 200°-700°C according to Ferodo this is the ultimate feel good pad, which are kind to the brake discs and have a long life.

Please call us on 01246 281543 for the best possible prices on these outstanding brake pads


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