Evora Sport Brake Discs

The Evora brand of brake discs were introduced in 2014 by Brake Depot, which were formed in 2009.

Brake Depot’s roots were the precision cnc slotting of brake discs to enhance the performance of the brake discs and improve the visual looks for car enthusiasts, this were fine to begin with as they had good relationships with local factors, however it soon became clear that Brake Depot must establish their own brand as more and more customers were shopping around for the same Mintex brand for example for slotted the way Brake Depot had them advertised, as expected they were only available from Brake Depot at that time which had customers asking “are they genuine Mintex” because Mintex don’t do performance brake discs so they must be fake right? No they were certainly not fake but it was understandable why you would think this.

So in 2014 the Evora brand was launched, Brake Depot would still purchase premium blanks from the leading casting manufacturers but they would be sold as Evora in an effort to prevent any confusion. Today the Evora brand has grown with over 1800 individual part numbers for thousands of vehicle applications and the catalogue is growing on a monthly basis, so no matter what you drive just give us a call and we will check if the Evora sport brake discs are available for your car.

See our Evora sport brake discs in action in the below videos, at the beginning of the season we started of with a set of Evora Sport Grooved brake discs which performed well, but we had recently released our new 40G design which we were eager to test and the results were excellent, Andy had no issues of brake fade and they performed strongly throughout the season.

Highlights from the 2015 Civic Cup Championships Andy Hough sponsored by Brake Depot.

The above video is from within the Civic Cup car driven by Andy Hough, who went on to win the 2015 Civic Cup Championships running our Evora branded sport brake discs.

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