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Brake Pad and Disc Replacement

Among all the components of the brake system, the brake disc and pad are the most subject to wear.

Therefore, they need regular checks to ensure the optimal conditions of use.
It’s important to replace the brake discs and pads when they reach their own wear limit in order to avoid any issue with the brake system function.

For the brake discs, it is the minimum thickness (Min TH), indicated on the brake discs itself.

For the brake pads, it is the wear indicator - electric or acoustic - that signals when the replacement is needed.

However, we strongly advised to check the entire brake system every 15,000 kilometers or in the event of abnormal vibrations or sounds.

Correct Fitment

Ensure that the brake pads and discs correspond to vehicle they will be fitted on.

Discs and Pads

Always replace the brake pads when replacing the brake discs.

Axle Rule

Replace the discs and the pads on the same axle at the same time.

Road Test

Check the correct braking action by making a short road test.

Bedding-In Procedure

Perform a bedding-in period (about 200km) without sudden and prolonged braking, in order to allow the correct alignment between the surface of the brake pads and the disc.

Follow Instructions

Carefully follow the instructions of the assembly guide.