Fitting Brake Discs and Pads


safety-critical products should only be fitted by a professional

Brake Pad and Disc Replacement

Among all the components of the brake system, the brake disc and pad are the most subject to wear.

Therefore, they need regular checks to ensure the optimal conditions of use.
It’s important to replace the brake discs and pads when they reach their own wear limit in order to avoid any issue with the brake system function.

For the brake discs, it is the minimum thickness (Min TH), indicated on the brake discs itself.

For the brake pads, it is the wear indicator - electric or acoustic - that signals when the replacement is needed.

However, we strongly advised to check the entire brake system every 15,000 kilometers or in the event of abnormal vibrations or sounds.

Correct Fitment

Ensure that the brake pads and discs correspond to vehicle they will be fitted on.

Discs and Pads

Always replace the brake pads when replacing the brake discs.

Axle Rule

Replace the discs and the pads on the same axle at the same time.

Road Test

Check the correct braking action by making a short road test.

Bedding-In Procedure

Perform a bedding-in period (about 200km) without sudden and prolonged braking, in order to allow the correct alignment between the surface of the brake pads and the disc.

Follow Instructions

Carefully follow the instructions of the assembly guide.


Trade Customers

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We offer some awesome services for our trade customers

We want to provide customers with the best possible service, and why shouldn't that ethic carry on to trade customers? Well, at Brake Depot it does - and we strive to be a brilliant supplier.

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We do more than just brakes here, we can provide a number of manufacturing and production services, as well as a courier service for our local customers. Our Brake Depot business has enabled us to become an open-minded business able to work with other companies to produce awesome products!

Brake Components

We can provide our brake components at competitive trade prices.

Custom Manufacturing

We use CAD-CAM software to manufacture custom parts.

Courier Service

We can provide a courier service for our local customers.

Phosphate Coating

We can have your parts Phosphate Coated at competitive prices.

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Evora Sport Brake Discs

We have recently undergone a change to provide more transparency surrounding our slotted  brake discs, previously we supplied slotted brake discs under the brand name Evora, which was fine and worked well for customers, but we realised some customers wanted a brand they had used before or just a well established brand. So we now offer a brand of your choice which could be EBC, Brembo or Mintex etc and then we precision cnc slot the brake discs should you want them slotted.

Here’s how it works,

  1. You decide on the Brand of brake discs you want.
  2. You decide if you want them plain or slotted
  3. If you want slotted simply choose your design
  4. Add to the cart and checkout

These are the basics steps needed when using our eCommerce store, we are able to accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards (exc. amex)

We also supply top leading brands of Brake Pads and Brake Discs

  • Breck
  • Brembo
  • EBC Brakes
  • Ferodo Racing
  • Mintex Racing and Standard
  • National Auto Parts
  • Apec

We carry out precision cnc slotting and drilling of brake discs from the best blanks available to enhance the discs performance and maintain confidence that the disc you have purchased was manufactured to the highest specification. We are also able to modify the brake disc stud hole pitch circle diameter, spigot and external diameters to facilitate the fitment to custom applications.

Want to know how much it will cost for your brake discs and pads? Please call us on 01246 281543 with your vehicle registration number for a free no obligation quotation.

Ford Focus 2.5 ST225

Well it’s been a few months now since our new website we’re launched and we have been working hard adding products we believe to be of the upmost quality from top brands.

Take our Focus ST225 section, we have standard brake discs and pads up to track capable materials, wheel bearings and brake lines, brake fluids and much more.

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Car Throttle IS200 Track Car

Want to see our Evora Dimpled and Grooved Performance Brake Discs and EBC Yellowstuff pad packages in action?

Watch the video today presented by Car Throttle, the internet’s largest car community for car enthusiasts.

Need discs and pads for your vehicle? We can supply what you need at very competitive prices from leading Brands simply give us a call on 01246 281543 for a FREE no obligation quote.

EMAMC Road Rally Championships 2018

We are pleased to confirm that Brake Depot will be sponsoring the EMAMC Road Rally Championships 2018

Formed in 1958, the East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs is one of thirteen Regional Associations created by the Motor Sports Association for the purpose of coordinating motor sport affairs in their respective areas and to act as a link between the MSA and Motor Clubs.

This Association is represented on the MSA Regional Committee by a Delegate.

The Regional Committee is responsible for discussing all matters which are likely to affect clubs in all branches of motor sport and advising the MSA of any changes of Regulations etc. which they feel may be of benefit to clubs. It also liaise with other specialist committees and has direct representation on both the rallies and the safety committees.

The Association runs various championships each year and has at its disposal a host of knowledge on anything connected to Motorsports activities.

In summary the Association is there to help member clubs with any problems they may have.

If you are wanting to get involved and take part in the EMAMC Road Rally please get in touch directly with the EMAMC

VAG PR Codes

Brake Vibration

Most motorists at some point will experience brake-judder / vibration under braking this may be light braking or hard braking and will be felt as shaking of the steering wheel and even pulsing of the brake pedal.

The Garage says my discs are warped
This is probably the most common statement we hear from consumers, who report that the garage has told them their discs are warped, in fact we have heard some really amusing comments such as;
  • The brake discs are made of chocolate
  • They have warped because they were cheap
  • They have warped because they are poor quality
I personally have seen a huge amount of brake discs in the 25 years I have been in this industry, and I can say hand on heart I have never seen a chocolate brake disc fitted to a vehicle, in fact the mechanics I know would most probably eat the chocolate brake discs before you could collect your car. The most common causes for brake vibration is disc thickness variation which is known as DTV, this is where the brake discs have worn unevenly causing high and low spots on the discs, whilst it is possible to have a badly manufactured brake disc the cause of DTV after use will normally be a cause of poor fitting techniques by the person fitting your brake discs, this could be the mechanic has not noticed a problem with the caliper pistons or slides or something as simple as not preparing the hub service before mounting the new brake discs. The ensure the new discs are running true to the hub the mechanic should carryout a Dial Gauge Test where the mechanic can actually measure the runout to ensure this is within the vehicle manufacturers specification, if it is not the mechanic should then measure the hub runout without the disc mounted to determine in the runout is a cause of the disc or the hub. If the correct measurement cannot be obtained the discs should not be fitted until the cause has been ascertained as fitting will lead to DTV. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer from brake vibrations after a few months / 2-3 thousand miles it is possible to resolve the issue by first rectifying the original cause of DTV and then by aligning the discs to your cars hubs using specialist equipment known as a on car brake lathe. Poor quality brake discs are really a thing of the past, because modern vehicles require brake discs that are manufactured to high standards, aftermarket manufacturers have had no choice but to invest heavily in their production plants. Vehicles that were manufactured after 1st November 2016 have to be fitted with ECE R90 certified brake discs, ECE R90 brake discs are your assurance that the brake discs you are purchasing are manufactured to the same high standards as the original equipment brake discs. Aftermarket manufacturers are now producing brake discs for vehicles manufactured before the specified date as ECE R90 certified as a mark of quality, and reassurance for you. There still a considerable amount of brake discs which are not ECE R90 certified and yet the quality is still excellent and will meet the same standards as the original equipment, so providing your vehicle was manufactured before the 1st November 2016 there is no need to worry if the discs you have purchased do not have the ECE R90 stamp. To summarise Brake Discs are a wear and tear item and will begin to wear from the moment they are used, how quick they wear will depend on many factors but how they wear will depend on how they were originally fitted and which pad compound you are using. Brake vibration after use is not an indication that the discs were manufactured incorrectly.

Brake Discs Getting Hot?

We frequently have drivers contact us about brake discs stating that after fitting new discs and pads they notice one side is getting hotter than the other side.

The simple answer to this is question is, the increased temperature means that one side of the brake system is doing more work than the other side which is resulting in the temperature difference.

The reason why this is occurring would require detailed inspection of your braking system, but normally this is due to increased friction or insufficient friction balance, it's probably natural to assume the side getting hot has the problem but it's also probable that the cooler side has the problem which is making the opposite side work much harder than normal to reduce the speed.

Our advice would be to inspect both brake calipers for any defects, this could be torn piston seals, worn slider sleeves or sticking caliper pistons. Pistons that are not able to move freely will result in brake binding which will cause the pads to rub against the discs constantly causing higher temperatures than normal, uneven braking and eventually damage to the brake discs not to mention increased wear on your pads.

So if you have concerns that one side is getting hotter than the other please get the brakes checked by a reputable professional, preferably the mechanic should belong to a professional register such as the IMI or be ATA accredited to illustrate they have undertaken professional training and are continually developing their personal development.

Wheel Bearings

We are very please to announce that we can supply new wheel bearings hub assemblies at extremely competitive prices for a wide range of vehicle models. Wheel bearings are a key component within the drive train of your vehicle, worn wheel bearings are dangerous and may eventually lead to accidents or even death so its critical that your wheel bearings are checked frequently and replaced as required. Did you that worn wheel bearings can also lead to:

  • Brake disc vibration
  • Improper tyre wear
  • Poor handling of your vehicle
  • Overheating of the bearing
  • ABS Faults
If you suffer from any of the above we would advise your bearings are checked by a professional without delay.